Tech temptations surround us on a daily basis.
We are addicted to and dependent on our electronic gadgets and smart phones,
 and we rarely build or fix anything with our own hands anymore,
spending endless hours in the virtual world instead.

At Time 4 Machine, we believe in a life away from our screens. 
And we hope that our love for mechanics will inspire you to spend more time 
in the physical world, creating something tangible and enjoying the journey. 

If you share our fascination with the industrial era, 
which inspired our team to develop a line of sophisticated mechanical models,   
you have come to the right place.


If you feel nostalgia for those wonderful childhood experiences
of making something with your own hands – look further.


Our Time 4 Machine models have been developed by a group of true creatives – 
we love what we do and have thought of every detail 
to make your model assembly interesting and engaging. 


Take your time to build your machine!