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Model of the day

Luxury Roadster

Luxury with no frills is a sign of aristocratic nobility. And this is about our Luxury Roadster inspired by Bentley Speed Six - a real racing superstar of its times. We love listening to the beating of its metal heart. We love feeling the perfect smoothness of its glossy surface with our hands. He’s already heard all the words in the world: whispers of love, tender confessions and heartwarming vows. And we must admit: the temptation of this car is too hard to resist!

Luxury Roadster has rubber wheels to drive as fast as lightning and do some soft curves. We used artificial leather and high-quality decoration to emphasize its historical value.

$ 119.95
$ 97.98

Metal Series

Our metal series is all about the magic of metal. Hold your breath for a while and watch closely. And then fall in love with its cold shine and refined style. Feel the harmony in every detail. These construction sets are a perfect combination of both sophisticated classics and minimalistic aesthetics. Every detail moves in sync with one rhythm, every line is simple and elegant. With this series you can do everything: create, invent, conquer time and space. Just let yourself feel the sweetest perfection of the metal.

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All kits are from Time For Machine. Kickstarter 2020

Only original models

Electronic Series

Wood is a well-known material for human hands. Our electronic series harmoniously combines wood with steampunk eclectic. Every model has a living electronic heart pulsating in its body. The surface is smooth and pleasant to touch. You can feel the continuous energy of its motion. Every construction set is a promise of happiness. And now both of the voices join together, creating a perfect polyphony: the masterful call of new technology and the soft whisper of the forest. These models are sort of time travelers having walked off the pages of some science fiction novel!

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Dream Van and Polish Legend.
New mechanical series
by Time for Machine

Tools and accessories

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Our construction sets are quite difficult to assemble and have small and sharp details, therefore are only suitable for people aged 14+.

It depends on your experience in modelling. Our engineers assemble simple models like Hot Tractor in a couple of hours. And assembling a Dazzling Steamliner takes them a few evenings. If you are a novice in this sphere, you'll need more time.

All necessary tools are included in the model kit.

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