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Luxury Roadster

21 ratings

$ 119.00


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History of creation


From the most ancient times, we’ve been attracted by items made with soul, sense and idea. People put a lot of effort into design and technological advances of cars, mechanisms, planes and steam engines. Even after lots of time these items still captivate our minds just like the mechanical automatons of the past and figures by such wizards as Peter Carl Fabergé. Their inventions are presented in museums and exhibited in private collections.

In the modern world, due to modern technologies there is a possibility to become a wizard by yourself, and you personally can create something as attractive and innovative.

That’s why we have set the goal to create the most beautiful construction set in the world. The set, which you can easily assemble into a mechanical piece of art. Time for Machine is the first exclusive construction set worth your attention.



What can be sweeter than the anticipation of watching a mindblowing car race? We know exactly what it is: being a driver! Our Luxury Roadster knows everything about breaking speed records and doing impossible things. The prototype of our model, Bentley Speed Six, was the most glorious Bentley sportscar. It was a two-times winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s most legendary automobile race. It was stunning enough to even steal the Rolls-Royce thunder and God knows how hard it was!

As true car junkies, our designers decided to immortalize this racing superstar – and that was the story of our Luxury Roadster. Every ride with this car arouses thrill, thirst for adventures, and hunger for danger. Time for Machine team doesn’t know how to oppose these feelings, but who said we should? If you are as obsessed with retro cars as we are, this model will be your perfect company in your journey of fearlessness.

Model description

Luxury with no frills is a sign of aristocratic nobility. And this is about our Luxury Roadster inspired by Bentley Speed Six - a real racing superstar of its times. We love listening to the beating of its metal heart. We love feeling the perfect smoothness of its glossy surface with our hands. He’s already heard all the words in the world: whispers of love, tender confessions and heartwarming vows. And we must admit: the temptation of this car is too hard to resist!

Luxury Roadster has rubber wheels to drive as fast as lightning and do some soft curves. We used artificial leather and high-quality decoration to emphasize its historical value.


  • Package dimensions:
    357 х 178 х 35 mm
  • Model dimensions::
    210 х 85 х 65 mm
  • Includes:
    4 plates with parts, 7 additional parts, spring, 4 rubber tires, 4 dark blue eco-leather parts, pliers, file, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, instruction
  • Material:
    polished stainless steel


4.86 of 5
21 ratings
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  • Anna Aaliyah Johnson

    I love the way you turn all that Bently chic into a construction set. Exquisite!

  • John Steven Ward

    Come on! How can all your models be so awesome? You need to stop somewhere lol

  • Evan Samuel Johnson

    Wow, I just adore these retro cars. It’s good to know they’re back in fashion

  • Robert Wyatt Simmons

    Okay, this is gonna be my first luxury thing. Well, I need to start somewhere

  • Caroline Zoe Green

    Now that’s a real car star! Thank you for doing such an excellent job, time for Machine!

  • Luis Evan Watson

    Oh my, I want this construction set so much. If only I could speed up the delivery process haha

  • Christian Isaac Ramirez

    Excellent model! You really caught this retro spirit

  • Ella Isabella Garcia

    I don’t know how I managed this assembly but here I am, exhausted and happy. Time for Machine, you’re really good at it. Keep going!

  • Taylor Ava Thompson

    The assembly was so much fun that I was almost upset when it came to an end lol. I Will definitely order some new model just to feel that excitement again

  • Aidan Jayden Russell

    Cool home decoration, beautiful construction set!

  • Austin Adam Gonzalez

    Cool home decoration, beautiful construction set!

  • Taylor Ava Thompson

    Looks fascinating, all the details are high-quality, the assembly process is really logical

  • Haley Anna Martinez

    Finally, you addressed the vintage cars topic. As an astronomer, I take my hat off to you.

  • Diego Jordan Griffin

    I adore watching these cool old-fashioned cars. Now I’m your dedicated fan too!

  • Justin Nicholas Morgan

    he perfect company for my dreams of Bentley. Time for machine, you’re full oHm, now I have tf surprises!

  • Timothy Daniel Cooper

    Luxury Roadster is just perfect. Time for machine, I can’t help falling in love with your models

  • Chase Evan Lewis

    Perfect interior decoration for a vintage car lover!

  • Ashley Alexa Robinson

    At last, I can feel like a rich person lol

  • Nathan Aaron Sanchez

    long for this car to beYay, this evening’s gonna be a racing evening. Oh, I’ve been waiting so delivered

  • Michelle Aaliyah Garcia

    Okay, now I’m ready to put these wheels on fire. It’s gonna be lots of fun

  • Jayden Daniel Lee

    That was an amazing assembly! Thank you for this experience, Time4machine

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