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Time for Machine



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Our most popular model has undergone positive changes for better assembly and use. We changed the stand, having improved the attachment of the airplane to the stand. What's more, now the model is placed a little higher on the stand and looks much better.

We also made a number of changes to the design of the plane itself by making it more solid and simplifying the transfer of motion from the stand to the propellers by removing the 90 degree gear connections.

The airplane now works better and is easier to assemble.

The start/stop lever has been moved to the stand. In addition, we completely redesigned the mount to the stand and the gear mechanism that transfers motion from the stand to the airplane.

The model is now more pleasing both by the assembly process and appearance.

Model size: 325 x 220 x 148 mm
Package size: 373 x 197 x 32 mm
Number of parts: 165
Weight of the set: 920 g

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