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79 Pieces
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Cute Double-Decker

20 ratings

$ 29.00


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History of creation


From the most ancient times, we’ve been attracted by items made with soul, sense and idea. People put a lot of effort into design and technological advances of cars, mechanisms, planes and steam engines. Even after lots of time these items still captivate our minds just like the mechanical automatons of the past and figures by such wizards as Peter Carl Fabergé. Their inventions are presented in museums and exhibited in private collections.

In the modern world, due to modern technologies there is a possibility to become a wizard by yourself, and you personally can create something as attractive and innovative.

That’s why we have set the goal to create the most beautiful construction set in the world. The set, which you can easily assemble into a mechanical piece of art. Time for Machine is the first exclusive construction set worth your attention.



When we think of London, we always think of elegance. It’s everywhere: in history, in architecture, in traditions. You can just feel it in the air. These days, we miss misty London very much. And that was why we created our Cute Double-Decker. Leaving all the stereotypes behind, we adore exploring new cities and adventures, so we tried to make this model a real symbol of the glorious capital. We tried to feel its unique atmosphere, the spirit of history, the beauty and the nostalgia.

Also, we wanted it to be tiny and beautiful, miniature but not fragile. Sometimes we love to ride it with our fingers, dreaming of the journey far away, listening to the soft muffled clatter of its wheels on the ancient paving stones. This model is a perfect chance to plunge into a new adventure without even crossing the border. Just let it be your friend, and together you will do the impossible!

Model description

The elegance of the legendary London double-deckers still makes us nostalgic so we decided to recreate their beauty in miniature. The touching fragility of our Cute Double-Decker conquers hearts at first sight. You can ride it with your finger, imagining the muffled clatter of wheels on the old paving stones. You’ll never get enough of its perfection!


  • Package dimensions:
    171 х 207,5 х 5 mm
  • Model dimensions::
    90 х 30 х 52 mm
  • Includes:
    2 plates with parts, 6 additional gears, instruction
  • Material:
    polished stainless steel


4.8 of 5
20 ratings
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  • Kimberly Abigail Torres

    This model brings back all the heart-warming memories. Thank you, Time4Macine!

  • Ian Jaden Turner

    This construction set is not that easy to assemble but so charming!

  • Gabrielle Jenna Lopez

    It was a good training piece for me as a beginner. I think I will order more of your models, Time4Machine.

  • Matthew Jonathan Cook

    I’m so confused with the assembly: there are so many details. God help me!

  • Morgan Brianna Perez

    Wow! It really conquered my heart! I’m impressed by the assembly. *applause*

  • Jason Sean Lee

    Time4Machine, how dare you? There’s too much cuteness in this model!

  • Lucas Isaac James

    Got this model as a present from my colleagues. How comes I’ve never heard about these construction sets before?! All of the metal models are very elegant.

  • Audrey Jasmine Smith

    Can’t take my eyes off this model. I assembled it just a couple of days before. And now I’m really close to regretting that…

  • Alexandra Gabriella Gonzalez

    The manual was quite detailed. Nevertheless, I still have this feeling I’m doing something wrong… I hope I’m good enough with my hands.

  • Devin Luke Walker

    Hell no! The assembly looks, hmm, a bit difficult. May the force be with me!

  • Aidan Sebastian Price

    Cute Double-decker looks like hours of hard work… I hope everything’s gonna be alright...

  • Jennifer Stephanie Edwards

    Time for Machine, how can you create the models so gorgeous? Is it even legal?

  • Maria Arianna Rogers

    Finally finished putting this model together yesterday. It was indeed a touching moment!

  • Jesus Antonio Reed

    This construction set reminds me of my foggy days in London. I hope it will be not that hard as your other models.

  • Patrick Tyler Patterson

    I just love it! Time for Machine, your models are the embodiment of style.

  • Alyssa Kayla Ramirez

    My daughter’s having so much fun playing with this bus. Looks like I need another construction set for myself…

  • Autumn Sara Ramirez

    It’s not only an interesting construction set to assemble but also a perfect toy for my kids.

  • Morgan Grace Foster

    say I have golden haEverybody used to nds. Having started working with this model, I’m not so sure anymore…

  • Jack Colin Morris

    Damn! I never could have thought playing with a metal toy would be so exciting…

  • Logan Samuel Henderson

    This is one of your best models, Time for Machine: gracious, delicate, and petite. Keep going!

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