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Time for Machine



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At the same time, we prepared a non-mechanical version of the bulldozer. This model can be rolled on its tracks. Due to the absence of the mechanism, we were able to make a more realistic imitation of the engine. The model also has three levers that click when you turn them on, but have no mechanical functions.

The model is easier to assemble and has its aesthetic advantages due to the beautiful imitation of the engines in place of the mechanisms.

Both the mechanical and the non-mechanical versions of the bulldozer have tracks that move very easily. Therefore, the B-Dozer NM can be rolled on a tablecloth or other rough surfaces and the tracks will move beautifully.


4 plates with parts, 16 additional gears, pliers, file, cloth for polishing and instruction.
Material: Stainless steel
Model size: 150x75x65 mm
Box size: 328 x 141 x 29 mm
Number of parts: 182

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