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Marvel Tank 3 Mini

Marvel Tank 3 Mini

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Marvel Tank 3 Mini: The size of the assembled model is 103x40x54 mm (4*1.6*2.1 in)

 Box dimensions: 174*90*28mm (6.8*3.5*1.1 in)



In 2017-2018, the Marvel Tank model was developed, but it was not on sale for long due to its excessive complexity and price. The very first model had a lever for controlling the tank's speed, as well as two more levers that could be used to turn off one of the tracks and control the turns while the tank was moving. However, not everyone managed to assemble the very first version of the Marvel Tank so that the model worked properly. The model was also large and quite expensive. Eventually, the model was redesigned technically. The additional control options were removed, the model was reduced by 20%, and it was called Marvel Tank 2. But, the basic mechanisms of the model remained the same. The Marvel Tank 2 model was discontinued in 2022. Now the remaining units of this version are being sold.

 Marvel Tank 3

In 2023, after several months of development and testing, the Marvel Tank 3 model was designed. It was released in three sizes at once: Standard, Mini, and Micro.

Visually, the model has acquired a richer design, with classic Time for Machine ornaments. If you put Marvel Tank 2 and Marvel Tank 3 next to each other, the older model will seem much poorer in design. At the same time, it should be understood that Time for Machine always pays attention to style and the design is never intended to increase the number of patterns, but to maintain visual balance and harmony. No less time and attention is paid to this harmony than to the development of the mechanism itself.

Also, looking at these models, you will notice that the track has changed. Now it runs more smoothly and more closely resembles the original tank of the First World War. This is because the way the track is assembled and how it works has been completely redesigned.

The updated model now has three top-opening hoods instead of two. The top of the tank has also become smoother. The start/stop lever has been relocated. Rows of decorative rivets appeared on the top and bottom of the hull, as on the real first tanks.



On the front of the new Marvel Tank 3 you will see a small window with a heart behind it. When the tank is moving, this heart beats at the speed of an old movie camera and resembles the old movie shown in this small window. This heart symbolizes the mechanical heart of the Marvel Tank 3 and also resembles the footage of newsreels of the early 20th century.

You can also see other hearts inside the tank mechanism. For example, the ratchet mechanism shows a circle of four suits of playing cards, including this heart. However, such subtleties are more likely to be noticed by those who assemble the tank or those who open the top hatch and thoroughly examine the mechanism.

The mechanism was also completely redesigned. The tank received new gears. A new reliable ratchet was developed. The capacity of the spring cylinder was increased, which made it possible to triple the tank's travel times. A new pendulum mechanism has been developed that works reliably without additional adjustments. The track drive wheel system has been redesigned. A system for convenient track tensioning was added. The fastening of metal parts in the plate is made in such a way that during assembly it is not necessary to remove burrs from the connection of the part with the metal, or these burrs do not interfere with the operation of the mechanism.

All these changes made it possible to produce versions of the tanks with different sizes that assemble and operate equally well. 

The Standard version is assembled using the included pliers. 

The Mini and Micro versions are assembled using the included tweezers. 

The most pleasant to assemble in terms of metal size/thickness is Marvel Tank 3 Mini. The length of the model is 103 mm. It is very easy to assemble with tweezers, but not as small as Marvel Tank 3 Micro.


But if you want emotions! If you want to see for yourself how such a small tank can move around in the palm of your hand, and then surprise and give a bunch of impressions to other people, then you need to build Marvel Tank 3 Micro.


In general, we would advise you to practice on the larger versions and then move on to the Micro, but you can also start with this smallest version.

When Time for Machine first showed this mechanical model of a tank that rode on your hand, even those people who had been working with mechanical models for years were completely delighted. The length of the Micro model is only 77 mm. 


For collectors of the brand, we recommend assembling all three sizes. These tanks look very impressive when stacked one behind the other, because technically they are completely identical, and differ only in size. The Mini has a proportion of ⅔ of the Standard tank size, and the Micro has ½ of the Standard tank size.

 Also, if you run all three versions of Marvel Tank 3 at the same time, you will notice that they travel at the same speed. This is explained by physics, because when the size decreases, the frequency of the pendulum oscillation in the middle of the mechanism increases proportionally, so in absolute terms, the tanks travel the same. And in terms of their own length, the Standard is the slowest and the Micro is the fastest.

The models also travel different distances depending on their size.The Standard travels 180 cm in 1 minute 20 seconds. The Mini covers 130 cm in 55 seconds. And Micro runs the distance of 95 cm in 40 seconds.

 So, join the real mechanical miracle by Time for Machine!

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