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Tiny Sportcar

20 ratings

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History of creation


From the most ancient times, we’ve been attracted by items made with soul, sense and idea. People put a lot of effort into design and technological advances of cars, mechanisms, planes and steam engines. Even after lots of time these items still captivate our minds just like the mechanical automatons of the past and figures by such wizards as Peter Carl Fabergé. Their inventions are presented in museums and exhibited in private collections.

In the modern world, due to modern technologies there is a possibility to become a wizard by yourself, and you personally can create something as attractive and innovative.

That’s why we have set the goal to create the most beautiful construction set in the world. The set, which you can easily assemble into a mechanical piece of art. Time for Machine is the first exclusive construction set worth your attention.



Deep in our heart we know that sportcars are our real passion. Time for Machine engineers have always wanted to experiment boldly with a luxury car model, and our designers decided to make it really touching and miniature. Something that you can always take with you. Something that can always have a place in your heart. Inspired by the shining rockstars of the car world, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, we created Tiny Sportcar, a small marvel, and now we are proud to share it with you.

As true cinemaholics, we tried to put in this model some charm and magnetism of Hollywood and its golden era. Also, we tried to catch all the chic and luxury of vintage cars and put it into metal. This model is heartwarming but not too sentimental, delicate but still strong. We just wanted to share the feeling of Hollywood nostalgia with you, making the eternal beauty one step closer!

Model description

There is always some touching charm in everything tiny, especially when it combines with Hollywood chic. Resisting something that charming is almost a crime. Therefore, being inspired by the irresistible charm of vintage cars, we created our incredible Tiny Sportcar. Have you ever dreamed of driving a Bentley or Rolls-Royce? Our construction set is ready to travel back to the luxurious past with you!


  • Package dimensions:
    171 х 207,5 х 5 mm
  • Model dimensions::
    94 х 42 х 28 mm
  • Includes:
    1 plate with parts, 6 additional gears, instruction
  • Material:
    polished stainless steel


4.85 of 5
20 ratings
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  • Juan Carter Henderson

    This model is very classy. I love your steampunk aesthetics, Time4Machine!

  • Isaac Juan Cook

    I tried to finish this model 3 times and failed every time feeling like a loser. Maybe this time I’ll be lucky…

  • Evan Lucas Davis

    Tiny Sportcar reminded me of how much I used to love vintage cars back in my school days. Hope it will help me to travel in time for a while.

  • Owen Miguel King

    Okay, now I’m the lucky owner of this model and the unlucky man trying to complete the impossible assembly.

  • Jeremiah Alexander Barnes

    It’s a fancy little souvenir. And knowing that I put it together with my own hands makes it even better.

  • Hunter Nathan Diaz

    I never could have thought it feels so good to hold the finished construction set in my hands. I definitely wanna do it again!

  • Patrick Adam Roberts

    Hmm, I managed to complete this model I should count myself lucky.

  • Audrey Natalie Phillips

    Awww, it’s so tiny and cute! Can’t wait to play with it.

  • Makayla Avery Jenkins

    This model reminds me of my childhood. I used to dream of buying a Rolls-Royce back in those days. Looks like my dream came true at last.

  • Sebastian Alex Anderson

    What a lovely car: so shiny, so smooth, so vintage!

  • Gavin Antonio Perez

    Still working on it. Who could think it would be THAT hard

  • Ethan Jose Carter

    Satisfied with the product. High-quality metal, detailed manual, cool design. Keep it that way.

  • Luke Angel Wilson

    Just received my model. It’s so very intriguing to start the assembly!

  • Jackson Robert Nelson

    God save Time4Machine so they can create even more challenging construction sets for us lol

  • Audrey Natalie Phillips

    Everything looks so easy in the picture but in fact, the assembly is quite tricky. And I like it!

  • John Aaron Gonzales

    God knows how much I adore sports cars! Thank you for doing that to me, Time4Machine!

  • Makayla Avery Jenkins

    Okay, now that’s the only racing car I can afford. Not so bad, actually.

  • Cody Antonio Evans

    Time4Machine, why are you so cruel? I’ve ordered 4 models already, and now I see THIS and can’t resist. Stop doing that to me!

  • Kimberly Leah Powell

    Stop doing that to me! Cooda easy to assemble, as well.

  • Marissa Morgan Collins

    It was not the easiest assembly in the world but yay, I did it!

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