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Time for Machine



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An inertial version of the famous Sherp all-terrain vehicle created in collaboration with Sherp. This model is different because it has a mechanism instead of electric motors. Thanks to the weighty flywheel inside the model, Sherp has good traction and confidently overcomes obstacles.

Sherp is a world-renowned brand that produces unique all-terrain vehicles capable of overcoming any obstacles, snow, swamps, ravines, and can also float on rivers.

Dimensions of the model do not differ from the electronic version, but there is no remote control in the set. The model has a low price, compared to the electronic version.

Thanks to the large and soft rubber wheels and powerful flywheel traction, Sherp can easily overcome obstacles.

Model size: 115x81x85 mm
Box size: 373 x 197 x 42 mm
Number of parts: 84

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