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Time for Machine



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This is a transshaper that transforms from a car to a scorpion in one move. A sporty coupe with protective grilles on the windows and wheels looks like it came out of a zombie apocalypse movie. If you press on the cabin of the car, two scorpion claws will immediately open, and the tail with a sting will rise behind. The cabin will hide, and the body with round headlights will resemble the body of a scorpion. The body is decorated with scorpion-themed lines and slots. If you click on the tail or claws, the scorpion will again turn into a sports coupe that has a protected and armored look. The front of the Scorpio-Car has an eyelet and the back has a hook for connecting with other models in the series.

1 plates with parts, instruction
Material: Stainless steel

Model dimensions 80x49x27 mm
Packaging size 170 x 175 x 4 mm
Number of parts: 33
Package weight: 90 g

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