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Time for Machine



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A new Hot Series model with an inertial mechanism and rubber wheels. The model looks great and has structural depth in its design and, like real cars, carries functional design elements. The hood of the model can be opened, just like the hoods of the seventies race cars.

This spacious hood covers more than half of the size of the whole car. Also in the Ferro Sportcar, the hood allows access to the tiny insertional mechanism. This layout makes it easy to assemble the model.

In general, when assembling models, you will first assemble the inner frame and then put on the outer body. The model has three positions of the front axis.

This is also the first time we have used rubber wheels in the Hot Series. This type of wheels makes it easy to accelerate the model and they have better traction. It's also nice to simply twist these wheels in your hands and feel the resistance and acceleration of the little mechanical beast under the hood.


2 plates with parts, 4 additional gears, rubber parts and instruction
Material: Stainless steel
Model size: 107x40x28 mm
Box size: 208 x 170 x 7 mm
Number of parts: 69
Weight of the set: 160 g
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