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Time for Machine



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This is a transshaper that transforms from a locomotive to a chicken in one move.

A wonderful little locomotive that turns into a small chicken in one move. If you start moving the driver's cab, the wings of the train appear and a beak appears. The cab also opens the tail and the pipe suddenly becomes a comb. Also, what was the windows of the cabin turns into eyes. If you pull the cab in the other direction, the chicken immediately disappears and turns into a beautiful locomotive. The set comes with a small (15 cm) piece of railway in which, thanks to the recesses, the model becomes a model and can ride back and forth. The front of the Chicken-Train has an eyelet and the back has a hook for connecting with other models in the series.

Number of parts:


Includes: 1 plates with parts, instruction
Material: Stainless steel
Model dimensions 72x28x38 mm
Packaging size 170 x 175 x 4 mm
Number of parts: 56
Package weight: 81 g
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