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Model of the day

Marvel Tank 2

What happens when you combine the military miracles with the refined aesthetics of steampunk? Our Marvel Tank appeared at the intersection of history and art! Inspired by real models from the First World War, this stylization conquers hearts not only with its magnetic brutality but also with its simple and elegant design. The cold shine of its tracks, impeccable conciseness of military-style — the harmony of form and content looks just like that.

This model works due to a mechanical spring. Thanks to the wind up mechanism, the tank tracks can overcome any obstacles on their path.

$ 69.00

Electronic Metal series

Somewhere in the universe, on the lost planet of robots, among the scattered details left after the space battles, a red light suddenly lit up. That was the electronic heart of one of the machines, that started beating and came to life, defying oblivion. The electronic mind was alive again, the devices warmed up, the engines started. The mechanism regained consciousness, looked around — and started looking for all the necessary details to assemble itself. And soon, a strange creature emerged from the darkness, with the light of a double star shining on its metal body. Its eyes were glowing with electronic light, and its hands were already constructing the next machine. And that’s how the planet came back to life. Believe it or not, the process of creating the electronic series Time for Machine was in some way similar because our whole project was a story of “rising from the ashes”, having gained some new strength. We present our electronic series, tempered in our passion for creativity. It includes amazing models, each of which is as unique as another planet. The soul of these construction sets is made of pure metal, their heart and mind are made of electronic circuit boards — and all this is ready to come to life in your hands.

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All kits are from Time For Machine. Kickstarter 2020

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Dream Van and Polish Legend.
New mechanical series
by Time for Machine

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We deliver our products all over the world free of charge. Standard shipping is free. Prices are exclusive of all applicable taxes, fees and other mandatory payments. Import duties and taxes may be incurred during shipping.

You can find the timelines here

Our construction sets are quite difficult to assemble and have small and sharp details, therefore are only suitable for people aged 14+.

How long does it take me to assemble a model?

It depends on your experience in modelling. Our engineers assemble simple models like Hot Tractor in a couple of hours.And assembling a Dazzling Steamliner takes them a few evenings. If you are a novice in this sphere, you'll need more time.

Do I need extra tools for assembling?

All necessary tools are included in the model kit.

Follow us on social networks and get to know all about new sales and discounts! Also, you can get new models from our crowdfunding campaigns, cheaper than in the store.

I cannot track my parcel / I am waiting for more than a month / have my parcel returned to sender. What should I do?

You can address our support team at [email protected] regarding any delivery issues. Please provide the number of your order and a full delivery address in your letter.

I'm facing difficulties in assembling / have broken some parts, what should I do?

You can use our video instructions for easier assembling. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact our support team [email protected]; you can also order replacement parts. It would be easier for us to help if you attach photos and/or videos of the problem parts.

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