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Tiny Sportcar

20 ratings

$ 24.95 $ 18.00


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Описание модели

В миниатюрности часто кроется какое-то трогательное очарование. А когда она сочетается с голливудским лоском, устоять перед ней — это просто преступление. Так, вдохновившись непреодолимым обаянием винтажных автомобилей, мы создали невероятный Tiny Sportcar. Мечтаете о роскошных путешествиях из прошлого, но пока не готовы приобрести Bentley или Rolls-Royce? Тогда вас спасет наше сияющее чудо!


  • Размер упаковки:
    171 х 207,5 х 5 мм
  • Размер модели:
    94 х 42 х 28 мм
  • Комплектация:
    1 пластина с деталями, 6 дополнительных шестерен, инструкция
  • Материал:
    полированная нержавеющая сталь


4.85 из 5
20 ratings
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  • 1
  • Juan Carter Henderson

    This model is very classy. I love your steampunk aesthetics, Time4Machine!

  • Isaac Juan Cook

    I tried to finish this model 3 times and failed every time feeling like a loser. Maybe this time I’ll be lucky…

  • Evan Lucas Davis

    Tiny Sportcar reminded me of how much I used to love vintage cars back in my school days. Hope it will help me to travel in time for a while.

  • Owen Miguel King

    Okay, now I’m the lucky owner of this model and the unlucky man trying to complete the impossible assembly.

  • Jeremiah Alexander Barnes

    It’s a fancy little souvenir. And knowing that I put it together with my own hands makes it even better.

  • Hunter Nathan Diaz

    I never could have thought it feels so good to hold the finished construction set in my hands. I definitely wanna do it again!

  • Patrick Adam Roberts

    Hmm, I managed to complete this model I should count myself lucky.

  • Audrey Natalie Phillips

    Awww, it’s so tiny and cute! Can’t wait to play with it.

  • Makayla Avery Jenkins

    This model reminds me of my childhood. I used to dream of buying a Rolls-Royce back in those days. Looks like my dream came true at last.

  • Sebastian Alex Anderson

    What a lovely car: so shiny, so smooth, so vintage!

  • Gavin Antonio Perez

    Still working on it. Who could think it would be THAT hard

  • Ethan Jose Carter

    Satisfied with the product. High-quality metal, detailed manual, cool design. Keep it that way.

  • Luke Angel Wilson

    Just received my model. It’s so very intriguing to start the assembly!

  • Jackson Robert Nelson

    God save Time4Machine so they can create even more challenging construction sets for us lol

  • Audrey Natalie Phillips

    Everything looks so easy in the picture but in fact, the assembly is quite tricky. And I like it!

  • John Aaron Gonzales

    God knows how much I adore sports cars! Thank you for doing that to me, Time4Machine!

  • Makayla Avery Jenkins

    Okay, now that’s the only racing car I can afford. Not so bad, actually.

  • Cody Antonio Evans

    Time4Machine, why are you so cruel? I’ve ordered 4 models already, and now I see THIS and can’t resist. Stop doing that to me!

  • Kimberly Leah Powell

    Stop doing that to me! Cooda easy to assemble, as well.

  • Marissa Morgan Collins

    It was not the easiest assembly in the world but yay, I did it!

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