• Wooden mechanical model;
  • DIY self-assembly kit;
  • Action-figurines;
  • You can move the limbs and replace them with others;


Mechanical model for self-assembly “Scorpio”

Action-figure model for self-assembly. After assembly, you can move the limbs and replace them with others.
  • All limbs are mobile.
  • With the help of the clamps, the model can be put in any pose.
  • Special magnetic connections allow you to combine parts of different models.
  • You don't need any glue to assemble the model.


  • Packing size: 222 x 156 x 62 mm.
  • Gross weight: 415 g.
  • Net weight: 125 g.
  • Packing material: micro corrugated cardboard, thickness 1.5 mm.
  • Model size: 204 x 206 x 145 mm.
  • Set: 4 plates with parts, assembly instructions, wax for lubricating moving machine parts, thread, sandpaper, toothpicks and rubber bands. Comes with an additional nozzle on the tail.
  • Material: plywood and combined materials.
  • Number of pieces: 295 pcs.
  • Recommended age: 10+.
  • Language of instruction: English, Russian, Ukraine.
All models come in cardboard boxes


Model: MN_3.1 “Scorpion”
Year of Production: 1904
Mass: 27820 kg
Height (in basic form): 6750 mm *up to the edge of the back bumper

In the summer of 1904, Blainestein Corp managed to amaze humanity once more, as the MN_3.1 “Scorpion” becomes the next generation of mechanoids. Having 6 limbs, it could easily move through any terrain and even climbing a completely vertical wall. Two powerful claws could easily lift cargo that weight several tons, bend steel, and chop down trees. Its reinforced housing and front plates ensure the pilot’s protection, as well as the protection of the machine’s engine.

The greatest innovation, however, was the multiaxial tail, which could accept modular tools, and capable of reaching the most tough-to-reach work areas.
Its main disadvantages are its large size, weight, and of course – the price. Despite this, the 3rd series still represents Blainestein Corp’s flagship model, even long after the launch of the 7th series.

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