Sandstorm cruiser


Sandstorm cruiser

Electronic plywood buggy
This off-road inspired buggy boasts additional speed and power through the wheel- whirling mechanism. Shock absorbers allow the buggy's frame to tilt to the side for flexible movement. The ox-head grill design and the rear spoiler glow with vibrant LED lights.

The set includes:

Model complete set (plywood kit (1 piece), instructions (1 piece), control board (1 piece), remote control board (1 piece), motor (1 piece), servo drive (1 piece), LED panel (3 pieces), battery case (1 piece), krona battery connector (1 piece), magnets (32 pieces), silicone rubber bands (30 pieces), motor mounting bolts (3 pieces), Grease wax (1 piece), Metal parts set (1 piece), Hex key 2.5mm, sandpaper (1 piece))

Wood texture remote
Big wooden packaging
Charger  (charger for 4 batteries 3,6v)

The model needs standard 18650 accumulators (not included)
Standard krona battery  (power (9v), quantity (1 piece))

The battery is not included