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Mysterious Timer 2

19 ratings

$ 65.00


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History of creation


From the most ancient times, we’ve been attracted by items made with soul, sense and idea. People put a lot of effort into design and technological advances of cars, mechanisms, planes and steam engines. Even after lots of time these items still captivate our minds just like the mechanical automatons of the past and figures by such wizards as Peter Carl Fabergé. Their inventions are presented in museums and exhibited in private collections.

In the modern world, due to modern technologies there is a possibility to become a wizard by yourself, and you personally can create something as attractive and innovative.

That’s why we have set the goal to create the most beautiful construction set in the world. The set, which you can easily assemble into a mechanical piece of art. Time for Machine is the first exclusive construction set worth your attention.



Mysterious Timer is a true legend. Also, it was the first model our founder Denys Okhrimenko created. It has quite a surrealistic history. One night, Denys had a strange dream of an iron baguette. That was a sign: the time had come to create metal construction sets!

So Denys started building a timer. Like a tireless experimenter, he was buying old alarm clocks and getting the springs out of them to understand how to use them in mechanisms. He changed the pendulum construction 7 times without giving up his goal!

The model was not yet working properly but still attracted the interest of the investors. Lots of persistence and a promise that everything will work helped to attract the first investments. As a result, the model remains complex.

But every timer is a delicate and sophisticated mechanism that requires high-end work. Our Mysterious Timer is a living creature with a perfect body and a beautiful soul. Listen to its breath, solve its enigma — and it will touch your heart!

Model description

Sometimes we all want to become clockmakers — masters of time. Their witchcraft, ancient and intoxicating, has always attracted inventors. It is the clockwork that helps us to comprehend something incomprehensible: the very nature of time. Therefore, time, fluid and fragile, no longer slips through our fingers but obediently lines up in hours, minutes and seconds — and now we can feel some power over the universe. Have you ever dreamt to solve the eternal mystery of time? Just plunge into its magic with our Mysterious Timer 2!

This model is not only a fantastic decoration but also a functional alarm clock. Mysterious Timer is easy to assemble and can work for 60 minutes.


  • Package dimensions:
    327 х 141 х 27 mm
  • Model dimensions::
    116 х 84 х 71 mm
  • Includes:
    4 plates with parts, 8 additional parts, spring, pliers, file, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, instruction
  • Material:
    polished stainless steel


4.79 of 5
19 ratings
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  • Jake Mason Davis

    Wow, this is a real masterpiece, Time4Machine! You become better and better after every new project

  • Katherine Alexa Rivera

    Gorgeous model! I love your design and your creative approach

  • Bryan Brandon Patterson

    This looks incredible! How comes all your models are so sophisticated and elegant?

  • Sierra Autumn Gray

    Okay, now I have a timer for ticking away the moments. Will start the assembly immediately

  • Aidan Benjamin Butler

    *sighs* I’ve been trying so long to finish this model, and finally the day has come. Yes, I did it. Congratulations to myself!

  • Matthew Ethan Collins

    A timer? I need it right now! Looks extraordinary but still practical. Unbelievable!

  • Hannah Leslie Bennett

    Haha, now I have a good friend to kill the time with

  • William Timothy Rogers

    I can’t resist, I can’t resist I want to buy this one too somebody stop me please

  • Kylie Isabel Flores

    Oh no, this is too beautiful! Just give it to me and take my money

  • Julia Kimberly Murphy

    This model is really worth its price. Very high-quality product

  • Blake Charles Perry

    Time for Machine, how can you be so perfect! I can’t get tired repeating that to you

  • Christopher William Carter

    Started building this moment listening to Pink Floyd. Now the time is gone, the song is over lol

  • Alyssa Isabel Flores

    Yeah, I’m already unpacking my parcel. At last, the time is on my side!

  • Landon Jason Green

    This model is really good-looking. And I think the assembly process is gonna be alright

  • Seth Mason Jones

    It feels so good to be a lord of time haha T4M, thank you for all this power

  • Cody Noah Price

    There is something magical about this model and I like it!

  • Ariana Jocelyn Ramirez

    Oh lord how hard it was to complete. I’m a lucky one to do it without suffering too much haha

  • Wyatt Julian Barnes

    Nice model, good instruction. Even though the delivery was kinda slow, I’m satisfied

  • Gabriel Jesus Scott

    Oh yes, this model was a pleasure to build! Now I’m waiting for the new one

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