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140 Pieces
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Marvel Tank 2

11 ratings

$ 69.00


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History of creation


From the most ancient times, we’ve been attracted by items made with soul, sense and idea. People put a lot of effort into design and technological advances of cars, mechanisms, planes and steam engines. Even after lots of time these items still captivate our minds just like the mechanical automatons of the past and figures by such wizards as Peter Carl Fabergé. Their inventions are presented in museums and exhibited in private collections.

In the modern world, due to modern technologies there is a possibility to become a wizard by yourself, and you personally can create something as attractive and innovative.

That’s why we have set the goal to create the most beautiful construction set in the world. The set, which you can easily assemble into a mechanical piece of art. Time for Machine is the first exclusive construction set worth your attention.



Our Marvel Tank never lost a battle in its life. This model was inspired by Mark IV, a real British tank from the First World War times. It had 2 variations: “Male” and “Female”, and both of them looked really badass for their time.

Our designers wanted to make this model not only brutal but also beautiful, so now it looks just like a knight in shiny armor.

This model has everything: beautiful form and threatening content. If its looks could kill, all its enemies would be dead for now.

This model is our message of love to the beginning of the XX century. If you love history as much as we do, just join the dark side and get to know this military hero.

Model description

What happens when you combine the military miracles with the refined aesthetics of steampunk? Our Marvel Tank appeared at the intersection of history and art! Inspired by real models from the First World War, this stylization conquers hearts not only with its magnetic brutality but also with its simple and elegant design. The cold shine of its tracks, impeccable conciseness of military-style — the harmony of form and content looks just like that.

This model works due to a mechanical spring. Thanks to the wind up mechanism, the tank tracks can overcome any obstacles on their path.


  • Package dimensions:
    328 х 141 х 26 mm
  • Model dimensions::
    141 х 63 х 48 mm
  • Includes:
    4 plates with parts, 9 additional parts, spring, pliers, file, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, instruction
  • Material:
    polished stainless steel


4.73 of 5
11 ratings
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  • Melissa S. Garcia

    Wow, I kinda like this harsh military beauty.

  • Jens Bader

    Oh, now you created a tank. I love your experiments, Time for machine.

  • Ben Innes

    This construction set is a real treasure for those who love the military aesthetics. Thank you for what you’re doing, T4M

  • Lily Zotova

    Cool tank! Now I have a nice company for my lonely evenings haha

  • John D. Ostlund

    This is the 10th day I can’t complete to build this tank. If I don’t succeed, I think this model is gonna haunt me lol

  • An T'an

    This tank looks so real. It’s gonna be a nice gift for my kids. They love playing with military toys!

  • Kristine Vestergaard

    Yay! A tank! You finally did it! I need this construction set right now

  • Donald Russell

    I’m in a cool sweat waiting for my delivery! Hope it won’t be too complicated to build

  • Kimberly Branch

    What a realistic model! I’m fascinated

  • Tomáš Novotný

    I like all these First World War tanks, and this model is a good steampunk stylization

  • Ralph Fink

    Okay, this is too much: I adore military toys and I love steampunk. Time for machine, how did you know it?!

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