Heavenly Hercules


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  • Metal mechanical model;
  • DIY self-assembly kit;
  • Active transmission;
  • Autopilot regime;
  • Engine can be turned on and off;


A visionary plane, which remains the plane with the largest wingspan. Eight motor flying boat made in metal. The plane works from a mechanism in it’s base. A special mechanical formula allows all propellers to move simultaneously. You can take the plane off the base and study it thoroughly. This 3D metal model is exciting to the viewer. The scale is 1:300.

Time 4 Machine, model building kits, 3d metal models, 3d metal mechanical model kits


  • Package size: 289 x 139 x 31 mm
  • Model size: 325 x 225 x 130 mm
  • Set: 8 plates with parts, spiral, cloth for polishing and instructions.
  • Material: polished stainless steel.
  • Number of pieces: 195 pieces
  • Recommended age: 14+
  • Language of instruction: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish.
All models come in cardboard boxes.

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