Marvel Tank

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Quick Overview:

- Variable speed
- Tank tracks can be activated and deactivated
- Enabling and disabling caterpillars
- Engine on and off lever
- Wind-up handle

Ukrainian market of a modeling got a new innovative product - construction kit Marvel Tank, a model of the tank that is based on the First World War tank. Anyone who buys this model will undoubtedly enjoy working on it and then spend hours admiring how it moves.


Marvel Tanks comes as a kit that includes a set of metal sheets with all necessary parts within them that you can separate from the sheet by pushing on the parts, a set of spare parts, and a pair of pliers – special tool you will need to assemble the model – and a polishing cloth. This is a unique model that doesn’t have any direct competitors on the market, and will give you an opportunity to show this great model to your friends. Majority of parts of the Marvel Tank are manufactured to scale of the real British tank and will make a perfect gift for anyone who loves modeling.


The model is operated by miniature levers, mechanical tracks can be set in motion with the help of a windup mechanism that is activated by pressing on the handle on the side of the tank. The top part of the model has levers that you can use to adjust the movement of the tracks or turn the tank. The speed of the tank can be regulated with a special lever also on the upper side of the model.


Marvel Tank is a unique model that we made thinking of those who are sticklers to the detail and enjoy models that are made with attention to the smallest design bit. Buying a gift like that for a person who’s fond of modeling you will give them something to enjoy for a while.

  • Box size: 278*128*26mm

  • Model size: 170*77*58mm

  • What’s included: Model pieces, a set of spare\additional parts, a polishing cloth, a pair of pliers, a manual.

  • Material: Polished stainless steel.

  • Number of parts/pieces: 250 pieces

  • Special features: speed shifting lever, tank track activating/disactivating lever, windup mechanism

  • Age: 14+


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