Sweet Home

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- Lovely wooden house, sold in ready-made form
- Opening window shutters and doors
- Opening the roof using a winding mechanism
- Lever for fixing the roof in the closed position
- Can be used as a casket

It’s a cold winter evening outside, but in the room an elderly gentleman is enjoying the warmth of a fireplace. There are only two sounds in this room: burning wood is crackling quietly in the fireplace and there is whistling of harsh winter winds outside. Tonight is the time to cherish his dearest memories, and the gentleman picks up a wooden home toy model from the floor.

The home is spacious enough to store some of the most precious trinkets and souvenirs. The model opens smoothly, making you admire the elegance of the mechanism that moves it. The gentleman is slowly turning a lever on one of the walls, observing how gears work together preparing to lift the roof of the house. It turns smoothly with light cracking noise that reminds him of his old watch. The house still smells like wood it was made from; the gentleman is running his fingers over various gears, windows and door frames, over the slates of the roof. He pauses for a second, rubbing his chin and contemplating if he wants to see what’s inside. Then he decides it is time to open the model. Here, inside of the home are all the precious little things that bring back sweet memories. It was you who gave this model - a wooden chest to your father. It’s a small house that is ideal for storing things that keep our memories alive. It was you who gave your father a way to preserve his memories.

You knew it was precisely what would make your father smile – this home with its elegant roof with tiny slates and small windows, brick walls and balcony caught your attention immediately, and you just had to buy it. You thought about how he will feel a strange jolt and happiness every time he will pick up the model from the shelf, and how he will pause before opening it. You knew it was a perfect gift that could help you express your love and care that you feel for your father.

Package size: 300 * 220 * 30 mm

Model size: 160 * 190 * 210 mm

Set: assembling model

Material: wood

Features: mechanical lifting of the roof with the internal mechanism; special lever for locking position; can be used as a casket (internal dimensions of 115 * 130 * 110 mm); opening doors and windows.

Age: 14+


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