Push Dozer

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Quick Overview:

- A small plywood bulldozer. A unique model, where the first time applied moving plywood caterpillars.
- Started from a metal spring installed in the engine.
- Twist the plant handle on the bulldozer cab several times. Pull the lever inside the cab and the tractor will go.
- The model has a removable front bucket.

Model making has gone beyond children’s hobby and is now fascinating various people who find true joy in making models of cars and aircrafts. Maybe you’re one of those people, who enjoy creating lovely models of cars and baroque mansions? Or maybe you have a friend who loves modeling? Then you know for sure what joy and satisfaction modeling brings to people: models are gifted, preserved in the families, showcased at competitions.


Wood modeling Make yourself – or somebody you love – a great gift by giving them a unique model kit, a miniature tractor Push Dozer.

Mechanical assembly kit Push Dozer is a set of plywood sheets that contains all parts of the tractor model. Combining parts together you will create a three-dimensional model of the machine. All parts are made from plywood and are perfectly fitted, including handles and bearing in wheels.

All parts of the model are made to scale with the real-life tractors of similar design, and plywood means that your tractor model will look like a retro-style machine.


Plywood assembly kit is designed for kids of 12 years and older, since it contains small parts and requires a lot of attention. Adults will enjoy assembling this kit even more, because for many of us such hobby means that we get a welcome distraction from our everyday work routine as well as a way to relax.


Wooden assembly kit will make a great gift for your friends that they can enjoy and share with you as work on the model together. If you are looking for something that makes a memorable gift for your friends, look no further – because gifting a model that will become a part of their collection is the way to go.

  • Model size (assembled, including the top): 160*108*110 mm

  • Box size: 300*220*30 mm

  • What’s included: Model pieces, a set of spare\additional parts, a polishing cloth, a pair of pliers, a manual.

  • Material: Wood

  • Number of parts/pieces: 222 pieces

  • Special features: no need glue, a wooden caterpillars, an engine switch, removable bucket, driven by a metal spring installed into engine

  • Age: 14+


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