Elvis Car

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Quick Overview:

- Powered by a spring.
- Functional steering wheel.
- You can enable the hood and the doors.
- Wind-up with a special key.
- You can take down the top and turn the car into a convertible vehicle.

Modelling or assembling a miniature model of a real-size mechanism, machine or object of architecture, remains one of the most fascinating hobbies people have all over the world. Creating a whole from the parts and getting a small wooden car, a tanc or even a medieval castle as the result of your efforts requires attention to the detail and patience, but all efforts are rewarded because modelling brings a lot of satisfaction. Teenagers often take it on as a hobby, but they they remain faithful to it throughout their adulthood as well.


Are you looking for a gift for your best friends, your colleague or you boss? If they like modeling you have found a perfect options: our Elvis car, a wooden model of a car, based on Elvis Presley's vehicle.


Elvis Presley wasn’t just a rock star and an extremely popular musician, he was also an avid collector of cars. He owned more than 1200 of different vehicles, mostly cadillacs. He generously gifted them to his friends, girlfriends, servants, fans and even his dentist. We give you a chance to get a model of one of those cars for yourself.


A mechanical model of Elvis Presley’s car you can assemble yourself from sheets of plywood, and each part mimics the real-life cadillac’s parts precisely – from the elegant shape of the car body to a familiar look of the hood and door handles. Miniature seats and all parts that you can find under the hood are made to scale with the legendary car.


Just press on the board of the plywood to separate the parts; and you can assemble them following the manual. You will be astonished at the precision with which parts fit together, and surprised with the amount of efforts it will take you to put them in perfect harmony.


Our wooden model kit will make a perfect surprise gift for anyone who is creative and loves handmade things. A moving mechanical model of a car will&

  • Model size (assembled, including the top): 233*87*55 mm

  • Box size: 300*220*30 mm

  • What’s included: a box containing a meccano set pieces, a metal spring, a wax for lubricating parts, a sandpaper, a user manual

  • Material: Wood

  • Number of parts/pieces: 171 pieces

  • Special features: no need glue, key, engine switch, transformed into a cabrio, locking position of door openings, driven by a metal spring installed in the engine

  • Age: 14+


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