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Each model is a real work of art

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Our principles

Our principles

Honesty and openness are the main values on which our brand ideology is based on.

We are a young company bringing a unique product to the market, so we carefully read all your comments and always give you feedback. We are open to cooperation and co-creation, ready to improve our models or use some new ideas.

Our mission

Our motto

Freedom. Wisdom. Imagination.

Our inventors’ creativity has no limits. Full of freedom and sincerity, our models resonate with our customers’ souls.

This is not only about beauty and creativity but also about empathy and support. Our endless love and joy of creation have echoed in the hearts of fans from the whole world.

Every glance at Time for Machine construction set awakens your sweetest dreams. And don’t forget that even the wildest dream may come true because now you can do magic with us!


Our philosophy

How important are material things in our life? Just take one of our models in your hands — and you’ll realize this is not just soulless matter but a real Thing, full of life. It doesn’t matter what you choose: cold metal or warm wood — everything is real and sincere. Every detail сontains both the energy of nature and sacred human knowledge. Even the smallest element is flawless and full of sacred sense. And your participation turns the process of assembling into real magic.

Take the details in your hands, feel their shape and texture, and the next moment all the autonomous elements become one harmonious mechanism, living, feeling, and breathing. And that’s how something material becomes something precious. And you become a real Creator, fearless and omnipotent.

We always have more respect for the things we do with our own hands — they contain some heartwarming memories of all the evenings you spent with them. If you meet someone else with exactly the same model, you will understand these people much better. Just like you, they created something precious and important. From now on, you’re all in the same boat, united by the invisible magic of Creation. And that’s how we build Time for Machine community.

We learned a long time ago that tedious work is the new entertainment. While assembling our models, you’re not only having fun but also developing your fine motor skills and boosting your brain. Also, you forget about all your problems and worries and switch to the thrilling Game. Step by step, you get closer to your goal and enjoy yourself while your brain is rebooting and your thoughts are becoming crystal clear. By doing so, you can finally find the balance and create something real, beautiful, and sophisticated. In other words, you create the Thing that can become the extension of your mind. And this Thing can help you find the perfect harmony in the great machinery of your life.

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