Time for Machine is truly proud to provide you with exclusive products of unique and customed design. Moreover, we are happy to see the high interest among the community - where we face the need to satisfy the growing demand on the market.

In order to make it possible, Time4Machine Inc. starts to create a global network of authorised partners.

Our partners are an extension of our business and are handpicked with the greatest accuracy to ensure they operate with the same vision and values as we do. We work very closely with them and support them every day to make sure you receive the same service you would expect if buying from Time4Machine Inc. directly.

Please be aware that by now our unique models can only be bought through T4M official website, Amazon or from exact distributor. Please sign up to our updates in order to know if something changes on that point.

Fake copies have appeared on the market lately, and, unfortunately, they are not as safe and well-proved as ours. IF YOU HAPPEN TO BUY A FAKE, we would not be able to assist you with any contructing issues, send a suitable spare part or additional instruments, guarantee your security and the true joy of creation (TM). It will be a great disappointment for you and for our whole company as well.

Should you see any ads using our designs or other intellectual property where it is not supposed to be, we encourage that you contact us at support@timeformachine.com


Create! Imagine! And stay safe!