Time for Machine is more than a company. It's an adventure, driven by passion.


We are a large (and growing!) team of passionate professionals with a desire to bring the joy of building beautiful models to people all around the world. Since 2017, we've been designing and creating the most intricate and elegant model kits that our imagination and hard work could bring to life. Our CEO and founder, Denis Okhrimenko, has been an industry innovator and trend-setter for many years.


Time For Machine model kits are designed in Ukraine, manufactured in China and distributed to wholesale vendors in the United States, the EU, China and an expanding list of other regions.


With us, you can craft models that shine, models that move, models that turn your home and workplace into a tiny world of creativity. We want to bring back something modern technology has taken away: the joy of actually creating something marvelous with your own hands!


We create experiences, not just collectibles. Join us on this journey!

Freedom. Wisdom. Imagination.




With the support of:

Time for Machine successfully completed the Poland Prize acceleration program, aimed at boosting the expert knowledge and development of startups. The program empowers companies by providing connections to VC funding, business networking and high-level expertise.