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Time Creator

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Histoire de la création


“This is my favorite model from this series. I spent a lot of time drawing sketches and working with designers and IT engineers to create this special nostalgic watch model.”
Denys Okhrimenko, CEO of Time for Machine.

We have always been enchanted by the times when electronic devices were a real cult. In the 60s, the first electronic watches appeared. Their displays were deep red due to existing technology. One of the superheroes of those times was a legendary James Bond wristwatch in the Live and Let Die movie (1973). The electronic display of that watch was burning with red numbers. Back then it seemed to be science fiction.

This time, we decided to create something unimaginable — an electronic watch which is also a construction set! Are you mystified? Stay tuned and meet our legendary Time Creator! This model has a massive body, a wide bracelet with square links, a luminous indicator, and buttons styled to look like a printed circuit board. Every detail immerses us in the atmosphere of real things.

Time Creator reminds us of the times when people were ahead of their time, creating radios, watches, and other electronic devices on their own, looking for some details in the stores and on the streets, assembling handmade pieces of electronic art and taming the rebellious spirit of the time. Those were the days when the only thing our watches could do was just show the time. But as a true geeky device, our watch is capable of much, much more!

As usual, our first prototype turned out to be a bit gigantic, but later we managed to make it more compact. After showing the prototype to experts and taking into account their comments, we designed the final version of Time Creator.

This version of the watch is very comfortable to wear on the wrist. Also, it’s a real pleasure to touch. The model’s body is easy to assemble. The board with the indicator, a USB slot for charging and all buttons come as ready-made parts of the set. But you still become a creator and assemble the model’s body and the bracelet, and then insert the board in one quick move. You got it! Get ready for the journey back to the future with Time for Machine!

The brightness of the dial can be dimmed by adjusting the small metal perforated plate located underneath the dial.

Showing current time is not affected by complete discharge or disconnection of the battery. You can regulate the length of the strap by using more or fewer links. The buckle has 3 positions for precise adjustment of the strap length. You can find your perfect strap length during the assembly process using the extra links in a set. Also, you can regulate the most comfortable position on your wrist with the buckle.

Our watch has a standard micro-USB charging port on the left side.

Our Time Creator will constantly catch public attention. The watch shows various data such as time, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and of course, the date and the year. If you press the right button, animated letters TC (abbreviation for Time Creator) will appear.

Description du modèle

La luminosité du cadran peut être atténuée en ajustant la petite plaque métallique perforée, située sous le cadran.

L'affichage de l'heure actuelle n'est pas affecté par la décharge complète ou la déconnexion de la batterie.

Vous pouvez régler la longueur de la sangle en utilisant plus ou moins de maillons. La boucle a 3 positions pour un réglage précis de la longueur de la sangle. Vous pouvez trouver votre longueur de sangle parfaite pendant le processus d'assemblage à l'aide de maillons supplémentaires dans un ensemble. De plus, vous réglez la position la plus confortable sur votre poignet avec la boucle.

Notre montre dispose d'un port de charge micro-USB standard sur le côté gauche.

Notre Time Creator attirera constamment l'attention du public. En plus, d'afficher l'heure actuelle, il possède un certain nombre de fonctions vraiment pratiques et peut vous montrer de nombreuses données environnementales utiles.


  • Matériel:
    acier inoxydable
  • Temps:
    horloge 12/24 heures
  • Température:
  • Pression atmosphérique:
  • L'humidité de l'air:
    pascals/millimètres de mercure
  • Réglage de la luminosité du cadran:
  • Affichage à l'heure:
    environ 5 heures
  • Protection contre l'humidité:
    non. Cependant, la montre est protégée des projections d'eau accidentelles


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