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Tiger I

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Histoire de la création



Meet our new model, inspired by a German heavy tank from the times of WWII. Tiger-I knows everything about power, and danger is its middle name. This tank is easily recognizable by the "checkerboard" pattern of the rollers placed in four rows with eight rollers per side. This tank has a 100-mm vertical frontal armor plate, with a bow gun and an observation device. The powerful weapon and armor of the Tiger allowed it to effectively hit any piece of enemy armored vehicles. The barrel length was 4930 mm. The barrel of the gun extended beyond the body by 2128 mm.

In general, the armor of the Tiger provided the highest level of security for its time. One of the tanks got 227 direct hits with 14.5 mm anti-tank rifle bullets, 14 hits with 45 and 57 mm shells, and 11 hits with 76.2 mm shells. Having handled so many hits, the tank still managed to make a 60 km march to the rear for repair. The quality of the armor was much appreciated by the British who studied the captured Tiger.

Born to be wild, our Tiger can't live in captivity, so get ready to control the tracks and three speed modes, and ride free with Time for Machine! Strict, but never unfair, this model will be your faithful companion in any danger zone. A metal remote control comes with our construction set. It has a turret rotation button on the front, 4 buttons for controlling the tracks and speed mode switch with 3 speed modes.

After assembling the model, you can easily connect the board which comes ready-made, and the track motors and the motor that rotates the turret can also be connected using plugs. The model also has a special lever that can be used to adjust the angle of the gun barrel. The tank is additionally outfitted with opening hatches, lights, canisters and some of the tank crew's tools that were used for military crossings, and the turret is fitted with spare track links, just like in the real tank.

The remote control is also quite eye-catching. On its back cover you will find an engraving of the Tiger-I tank, and on the front one there are the lines showing the logical schematics of the buttons. These lines show how to move forward, backward and how to turn the machine around.

Tiger-I, made of material unusual for modeling, but in a popular 1:35 tank model scale, will definitely inspire interest and challenge you to try it in action. Very unique and one-of-a-kind tank made of metal, a traditional material for tanks, is coupled with the metal remote control, as beautiful as the tank itself, though unusual, with metal buttons. Together they create a special model ensemble and look great both in use and on your shelf.

Description du modèle

Découvrez notre nouveau modèle, inspiré d'un char lourd allemand de l'époque de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Tigre-I sait tout sur le pouvoir, et le danger est son deuxième prénom. Ce char est facilement reconnaissable par le motif « en damier » des rouleaux disposés en quatre rangées avec huit rouleaux par côté. Ce char est doté d'une plaque de blindage frontale verticale de 100 mm, d'un canon d'étrave et d'un dispositif d'observation. Strict, mais jamais injuste, ce modèle sera votre fidèle compagnon dans n'importe quelle zone de danger. À la fois sauvage, notre Tigre ne peut pas vivre en captivité, alors préparez-vous à contrôler les pistes et les trois modes de vitesse, et roulez librement avec T4M !

Les caractéristiques:

Matériel: acier inoxydable

Taille: 252*112*87 mm (9,9*4,4*3,4 pouces)

Poids : 710 g (1,56 lb)

Nombre de pièces : 447

Pignon d'entraînement: arrière

Modes de vitesse : 3

Tour de tourelle : 360+

Emplacement pour 4 piles AA (modèle)

Emplacement pour 2 piles AAA (RC)

*les piles ne sont pas incluses


  • Matériel:
    acier inoxydable
  • Taille du modèle::
    252 x 112 x 87 mm


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