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Polish Legend (Yellow)

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Description du modèle

Our luxurious Polish Legend inspires to put aside all the everyday vanities and just ride like the wind towards golden sand, the salty taste of the sea, and eternal sunshine. Even if it’s not the time for vacation, you can always dream of future happiness with our construction set for it understands what you need. This model really has it all: simplicity of details, brave colorful accents, harmoniously woven into its minimalistic design, memories of hippie romance and flowers in your hair. Just try to feel the rhythm of its movement and plunge into the deep abyss of the color: actually, freedom is closer than you think.

An elegant spring makes the model move. Also, Polish Legend has stylish colorful rubber wheels and opening hood and trunk.

Delivery from Ukraine and Poland.


  • Taille du modèle::
    175 х 75 х 70 mm
  • Équipement:
    2 plates with parts, 1 plastic spring, 3 small rubbers, 4 plastic wheels, Paraffin wax, sandpaper, instructions
  • Matériel:
    bois lamellés-collés


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