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We deliver our products all over the world free of charge. Standard shipping is free. Prices are exclusive of all applicable taxes, fees and other mandatory payments. Import duties and taxes may be incurred during shipping.

You can find the timelines here

Our construction sets are quite difficult to assemble and have small and sharp details, therefore are only suitable for people aged 14+.

How long does it take me to assemble a model?

It depends on your experience in modelling. Our engineers assemble simple models like Hot Tractor in a couple of hours. And assembling a Dazzling Steamliner takes them a few evenings. If you are a novice in this sphere, you'll need more time.

All necessary tools are included in the model kit.

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You can address our support team at [email protected] regarding any delivery issues. Please provide the number of your order and a full delivery address in your letter.

You can use our video instructions for easier assembling. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact our support team [email protected]; you can also order replacement parts. It would be easier for us to help if you attach photos and/or videos of the problem parts.

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