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Made of stainless steel, a handful of history, and a pinch of mystery, our T-34 is inspired by a legendary Soviet medium tank from the times of WWII. It may seem monumental and severe but this model is fast as lightning, maneuverable, and fierce as a thunderstruck. With this tank, every battle-on-the-table will be victorious, thanks to its 85 mm cannon and 3 speed modes. Together, you will make two perfect comrades!

The T-34 tank had a huge influence both on the outcome of the war and on the further development of world tank building. Being rather compact, maneuverable, easy-to-maintain and fast, this tank proved its superiority in many battles.

The tank is easily recognizable by the large-diameter rollers that ensure its speed. The driving wheel is at the back, which is also recreated in our model. The T-34 also has a distinctive sloping front armor. This effect helped to cut down on the tank's weight. Analysis showed that a metal sheet placed at 60 degrees is equivalent to a sheet of twice the thickness. That is why the inclined arrangement of armor plates is sometimes still used in the development of modern tanks.

Our construction set comes with a metal remote control. It has a turret rotation button on the front, 4 buttons to control the tracks and speed mode switch with 3 speed modes.

After assembling the model, you can easily connect the board which comes ready-made, and the track motors and the motor that rotates the turret can also be connected using plugs. The model also has a special lever that can be used to adjust the angle of the gun barrel. The tank is additionally outfitted with opening hatches, lights, canisters and handles held by the infantrymen while transported on the tank's armor. The remote control is also quite eye-catching. On its back cover you will find an engraving of the T-34 tank, and on the front one there are the lines showing the logical schematics of the buttons. These lines show how to move forward, backward and how to turn the machine around.

T-34, made of material unusual for modeling, but in a popular 1:35 tank model scale, will definitely inspire interest and challenge you to try it in action. Very unique and one-of-a-kind tank made of metal, a traditional material for tanks, is coupled with the metal remote control, as beautiful as the tank itself, though unusual, with metal buttons. Together they create a special model ensemble and look great both in use and on your shelf.


Unser T-34 aus Edelstahl, einer Handvoll Geschichte und einer Prise Mysterium ist von einem legendären sowjetischen mittleren Panzer aus der Zeit des Zweiten Weltkriegs inspiriert. Es mag monumental und streng erscheinen, aber dieses Modell ist blitzschnell, wendig und wild wie ein Donnerschlag. Mit diesem Panzer wird jede Schlacht auf dem Tisch siegreich sein, dank seiner 85-mm-Kanone und 3 Geschwindigkeitsmodi. Zusammen werden Sie zwei perfekte Kameraden abgeben!


Material: Edelstahl

Größe: 175*93*82 mm (6,9*3,7*3,2 Zoll)

Gewicht: 570 g (1,25 lb)

Stückzahl: 351

Antriebsrad: hinten

Geschwindigkeitsmodi: 3

Turmdrehung: 360+

Batteriefach für 4 AA-Batterien (Modell)

Batteriefach für 2 AAA-Batterien (RC)

*Batterien sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten


  • Material:
  • Modellsgröße::
    175 x 93 x 82 mm


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