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This is a transshaper that transforms from a car to a scorpion in one move. A sporty coupe with protective grilles on the windows and wheels looks like it came out of a zombie apocalypse movie. If you press on the cabin of the car, two scorpion claws will immediately open, and the tail with a sting will rise behind. The cabin will hide, and the body with round headlights will resemble the body of a scorpion. The body is decorated with scorpion-themed lines and slots. If you click on the tail or claws, the scorpion will again turn into a sports coupe that has a protected and armored look. The front of the Scorpio-Car has an eyelet and the back has a hook for connecting with other models in the series.

Convertible Series of Time for Machine

This is a separate collectible series of Time for Machine consisting of twelve models united by the ability to transform from a certain vehicle into representatives of the animal world. The names of the first two models from this series Chicken-Train and Scorpio-Car speak for themselves. Chicken-Train is a train that turns into a chicken, and Scorpio-Car is a car that takes the form of a scorpion. Each model of the series will have approximately the same size and low level of complexity in assembly. Also, each model has the same hooks and eyelets on the front and back of the body so that all models in the series can be connected to each other in a kind of train. The models are easy to roll on wheels, but do not have a separate mechanism for moving the wheels. United by a single idea and functionality, the series is aimed at collecting all 12 models that are planned.


  • Modellsgröße::
    72x28x38 mm mm
  • Packungsgröße:
    170 х 170 х 7 mm mm
  • Ausrüstung:
    1 plates with parts, instruction
  • Material:
    Stainless steel


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