Polish Legend



  • Polywood mechanical model;
  • DIY self-assembly kit;
  • Wind-up moving mechanism in model’s base;
  • On/off lever;
  • Size : 175 х 75 х 70 mm



We used rubber bands and even metal power springs to make the models move. But this time I had less powerful but really beautiful spring

This spring was not very powerful and could only make a small car go a couple of meters, but it looked very nice. It was also really easy to assemble and it was also safe and suitable for any age

We designed the first prototypes with this spring and I have decided to make the model more consistent -  use same coloured wheels.

In the end, these bright accents inside the wooden plywood model created its unique look.

We have also added several sliding doors. And there were several iterations for starting mechanism and a clockwork

The clockwork is arranged in the body of each toy. For example, Sandy Syren has it hidden under the hood, and Dream Van’s moving mechanism is mounted vertically in the back luggage compartment.