• Wooden mechanical model;
  • DIY self-assembly kit;
  • Action-figurines;
  • You can move the limbs and replace them with others;


Mechanical model for self-assembling “Arachnolid"

Action-figure model for self-assembly. After assembly, you can move the limbs and replace them with others.

  • Moving limbs.
  • With the help of clamps, the model can be put in any position.
  • Special magnetic connections allow you to combine parts from different models.
  • You don't need any glue to assemble the model.


    • Packing size: 222 x 156 x 62 mm.
    • Gross weight: 312 g.
    • Net weight: 62 g.
    • Packing material: micro corrugated cardboard, thickness 1.5 mm.
    • Model size: 126 x 126 x 115 mm.
    • Set: 2 plates with parts, assembly instructions, wax for lubricating moving machine parts, thread, sandpaper, toothpicks and rubber bands. There is an extra leg in the kit.
    • Material: plywood and combined materials.
    • Number of pieces: 154 pcs.
    • Recommended age: 14+.
    • Language of instruction: English, Russian, Ukrainian.



    Model: MN_2.1 “Arachnoid”
    Year of Production: 1902
    Mass: 8580 kg
    Height (in basic form): 5750 mm *about up to a car’s exhaust pipe

    Following the success of MN_1.1, Crowe decided to expand the capabilities of his machines. And so, Blainestein Corp had developed a new platform with four three-segmented limbs. This new chassis ensured improved mobility and greater payload capacity.

    For this model, a lightweight cabin has been developed, which was equipped with mandibles for bearing cargo. The machine had then received the name MN_2.1. Above all, it has been widely used in mountainous terrain, as well as quarries and other areas where were harder to access using other machinery (as well as MN_1.1).

    However, the main objective in developing the MN_2.1 was to fully expand the modular potential of mechanoids. In 1902, Blainestein held a grand exhibition, in which he revealed the MN_2d1 model – an MN_2.1 platform with an MN_1.1 control cabin. This modification enabled utilizing the advantages of both models. During that same year, the MN_2d1 became Blainestein Corp’s top selling model within record time.

    MN_2.1 was the only type of heavy machinery used during the construction of the research center in the Mansky mountains. Airships did not dare venture anywhere near due to the strong winds, while other tech which was available at the time physically couldn’t make it up the mountain ridge. These conditions made the Arachnoid a true pioneering piece of equipment in the region, as well as a significant source of relief for the construction workers.

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