Spare parts - Comments are obligatory! (Free shipping worldwide)


Dear Time for Machine supporters,

to order spare parts you need to follow 4 easy steps (leaving the comment is a must)

Step 1. Choose your model.

Step 2. Choose the necessary plate. 

Step 3. Choose the necessary pieces. 

Step 4. Leave a comment! Most important step!!! Without a comment your order will be cancelled! A comment should include the number of plate and numbers of pieces. One order may include up to 5 pieces. Please, place the second order if you need more than 5 pieces. 

Don't forget to leave a comment:) 

Stay safe!

Silver Bullet
Glorious Cabrio 2
Perfecto Card Case
Dazzling Steamliner
Heavenly Hercules
Hot Tractor
Marvel Tank 2
Royal Voyager
Mysterious Timer 2