WOW SALE! Hot tractor+ Card case only 28.99$ Hurry up!


Hot Tractor

This sturdy metal model is based on the industrial design of the real-life heavy K700 tractor.

This model is the perfect starter option, as it's easier to assemble due to the lack of a spring drive. The movement mechanism rotates from the momentum of the wheels. The tractor has a swivel rear axle just like its real-life prototype.

The cabin doors and the hood can be opened, revealing the inertial mechanism inside.

Card Case

This elegant container will completely change how you view and present business cards.

It transforms that simple formality into something beautiful and becomes a unique decoration for your workspace.

The metal lever opens the lid and reveals the cards contained inside. The model kit is easy to assemble and allows you to store business cards in a standard size of 5-9 cm.


Maximum card size: 95*53 mm.