Heavenly Hercules



  • Metal mechanical model;
  • DIY self-assembly kit;
  • Wind-up moving mechanism in model’s base;
  • On/off lever;
  • Toolkit included;


    A shining, impressive metal replica of a real-life visionary plane, which to this day retains the largest wingspan of any aircraft.

    This eight-motor model plane is powered by a mechanism in its base. A special mechanical formula allows all the propellers to move simultaneously. You can take the plane off its base for movement or examination.

    This will be the ideal decoration for any office, study or workspace and a perfect gift for any aircraft or model enthusiast.


    • Package size: 345 x 175 x 45 mm
    • Model size: 325 x 220 x 128 mm
    • Set: 4 plates with parts, 15 additional gears, spring, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, pliers, file and instructions.
    • Material: polished stainless steel.
    • Number of pieces: 231 pieces
    • Recommended age: 14+
    • Language of instruction: English, Ukrainian, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic.


    Customer Reviews

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    Cool model!

    Very nice set!

    Well packaged

    This is a gift but I did open it. Nothing was bent and it seems like all the sheets are accounted for. Came in a timely manner.

    Fun model, your skill determines how it will look.

    Great model, definitely takes some effort and experience in building models. It’s a work of art. Your’s may look awful, and someone else’s will look really great. The quality of it is very good, but there is a couple issues with the instructions that if fixed would make the model exponentially more fun to build and come out looking better. A couple notes, they really need to put a big stop sign on the spring that says DONT CUT THIS UNTIL IT IS ATTACHED TO THE BASE!!!!! It exploded and cut my finger. The instructions don’t explain until like page three, and the fine print on the first page is not very clear or in a relevant place so it’s easy to over look and is pretty ambiguously explained on the first page. It’s completely impossible to put the spring in the correct position without it being attached to the base before the wrap is cut to release its tension. I had to cut down the spring to 1/4 it’s original size. The model may or may not spin, that’s really determined by how precise you make it. The other thing too is they really need to emphasize what direction the lines on the parts should be. I do not get why they couldn’t just tell you what side the lines go on. It is really confusing because the parts are symmetrical, so when you have to redo something because the lines are not supposed to show, the parts may break. Tip, a little bit of CA glue strategically placed will help make some parts of the build easier, especially if you have CA Excelerator. Also CA was great when I had to redo a few things and the tabs on the canopy broke. I should have looked at the picture before hand. The lines on the wings need to be facing up, and not down.

    Customer Reviews

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