Mysterious Timer | Advance Pro series

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  • Metal mechanical model;
  • DIY self-assembly kit;
  • Works for 60 minutes;
  • Open clockwork mechanism;

Mysterious Timer - metal mechanical model


Digital gadgets replace mechanical ones in our lives, but we still feel nostalgic about an old cuckoo clock or a metronome. Mysterious Timer chronograph will give you a chance to get a bit if that old-school feel back into your living rooms.

Mysterious Timer represents a new stage in modeling. A model kit includes all necessary parts of the chronograph itself, plus a special wooden base and a set of miniature tools that you will need to assemble it. The detailed user manual will guide you through assembling of this timer that has no direct competitors anywhere in the world.

Mysterious Timer is an open-clock mechanism that can be wound up with a special gear. Peaceful tic-toc of the mechanism will give you a chance to relax and contemplate about your present. One windup cycle will keep the timer going for one hour. Such gift is perfect for the modern day people who are often in a hurry.

If any of your friends are fond of modeling that it will pose a desired challenge for them since our Mysterious Timer is a working mechanical model that can be used as a timer and not just a decorative piece.

Mysterious Timer - DIY metal kit


  • Packing size: 289 x 139 x 31 mm.
  • Gross weight: 675 g.
  • Net weight: 198 g.
  • Packing material: micro-corrugated cardboard, thickness 1.5 mm.
  • Model size: 145 x 104 x 80 mm.
  • Set: 5 plates with parts, 8 additional gears, spiral, spring, pliers, file, cloth for polishing, instruction.
  • Material: polished stainless steel (steel grade AISI 304).
  • Number of pieces: 68 pcs.
  • Recommended age: 14+.
  • Language of instruction: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish.
All models come in cardboard boxes

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