Time for Machine series

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Metal Series

Our metal series is all about the magic of metal. Hold your breath for a while and watch closely. And then fall in love with its cold shine and refined style. Feel the harmony in every detail. These construction sets are a perfect combination of both sophisticated classics and minimalistic aesthetics. Every detail moves in sync with one rhythm, every line is simple and elegant. With this series you can do everything: create, invent, conquer time and space. Just let yourself feel the sweetest perfection of the metal.

Tools and accessories

It's so natural if we worry about those we love. We know that you love our construction sets and care about them, so we have created a special series of accessories to help you take care of them. There is no magic without small and simple secrets, and we’ll never get tired of telling you about them! From now, your models will be happy and well-groomed, and most importantly - they will always be safe.

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