Mechanical Gingerbread



  • Mechanical wooden souvenir;
  • Sold in a ready-made form;
  • Exquisite forms of opening petals;
  • Magnet on the reverse side;
  • You can place a photo inside. 

Mechanical Gingerbread - Wooden Gift


Another holiday and you ran out of present ideas? Looking for something unique for your best friend? We know how tiring it gets when you’re endlessly window-shopping or browsing online stores, looking for something unique.

Our stylish gift Mechanical Gingerbread is a gift idea you were looking for. It gives you a chance to use your creativity and your friends will be impressed with your gift choice. Natural and eco-friendly materials such as wood are certainly a trend these days, replacing chintzy plastic toys and models. That’s also why our Mechanical Gingerbread draws so much attention to itself – we use premium-quality materials and magnetic force to make it work.

It’s not just a static souvenir, it is a mechanical model that will surprise you with how long-lasting and reliable it can be, especially compared to a small battery-powered windup toy. You can use a lever to open the gingerbread model and put a picture inside of it. It can be any picture you like: family, friends, pets or a company logo. 

This gingerbread model is a creative gift that is suitable for various people and contexts – from a happy birthday wish to proclaiming your love to somebody. The picture size that fits inside of the model is 2.55in (65mm), and that is the only limitation to your ideas. Mechanical Gingerbread will make a unique gift that is far from a regular boring photo frame. Our souvenir has both a magnetic hanger and a base that lets you position it horizontally as well.

Mechanical wooden souvenir


  • Model size (closed): 4.7 x 5.3 x 1 in // 120 x 135 x 25 mm 
  • Material: wood
  • Recommended age: 3+
All models come in cardboard boxes

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