Robo Arm



  • Wooden electronic model;
  • Mobile tractor-manipulator;
  • Sold in a ready-made form;
  • Smartphone-operated robot;

Robo Arm build it toys


Most recently collectors fell in love with a new generation of wooden mechanical models that are operated through a smartphone.

Our wooden model of a mechanical Robo Arm that can grasp things will certainly look familiar to you if you’ve watched Star Wars because our model looks like some of the sci-fi mechanisms have magically traveled to your living room or your office.

You will be fascinated with how calculated and rational every movement of this machine is. The wooden model is designed to go well with the shiny metal parts of the electronics inside of the model. There is no doubt about the potential power of its grasp.

This unique model makes a great gift for anyone who is even somewhat fascinated by the idea of your own robot. With a bit of practice, you can train it to bring you a mug from the kitchen or a pair of shoes from the hallway.

Most importantly, it makes for an entertaining and smart gift, that will prove that you deeply care about the people around you and share their hobbies and interests. This smartphone-operated wooden Robo Arm will be equally liked by your best friend, your child or your boos and will be a very memorable gift.

smartphone-operated wooden Robo Arm

All models come in cardboard boxes

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