Gorgeous Gearbox


We all have our little secrets from the world: some of us have boxes of pearls and others have boxes of tears. From now on, you can hide all your mysteries in our stylish Gorgeous Gearbox. It still remembers the warmth of our inventors’ hands, ready to guard your memories jealously. It can even bite some curious fingers off! (No, just kidding.) Take this model in your hands and feel the innocent joy of having something concealed.

It doesn’t matter what you keep there: jewelry or some precious memories. The thing is, all your secrets should belong to just you.  

Just one slight push — and the mechanism is set in motion and the wheels are spinning. The lid will close smoothly under its own weight.

  • Package dimensions: 328х141х26 mm
  • Model dimensions: 112х98,5х110 mm
  • Includes: 4 plates with parts, 6 additional parts, spring, pliers, file, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, instruction
  • Material: polished stainless steel
  • Number of parts: 48 pcs.

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Customer Reviews

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Time for Machine team, thanks for your help, greatly appreciated!

The models are charming and the customer support is always there for you. The assembly of this Gorgeous Gearbox was quite tricky but that’s the intrigue! Will definitely buy some of your construction sets again!


Got this construction set as a present from my boyfriend. Everything goes like clockwork: the lid opens and closes smoothly, all the details are sophisticated and high-quality. Also, it’s a perfect safe for some trinkets like hairpins or other tiny secrets.