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Published on November 25, 2020

Time for Machine's magical metamorphosis

Today we want to tell you about the magical metamorphoses that happened to Time for Machine. The sacred ritual of rebirth is always an important step. And we finally decided to take this step to the future!

All our models, metal and wooden, warlike and peaceful, brave knights and conquerors of the desert, space conquerors and tireless adventurers, crusaders and dreamers will meet you on our updated website. We breathed new life into it, inspected and polished it to make it as perfect as our elegant construction sets.

Now you will see how restored, convenient, and user-friendly it is. It was hardened by time and numerous challenges like a Damascus steel sword. The beauty of this is the interface is intuitive, the design is laconic, and the aesthetics are restrained and minimalist. To a large extent, the website represents our philosophy: craftsmanship, beauty — and nothing extra.

Like our construction sets, we are unafraid of changes for we remember that fear is the worst enemy of progress. So we bring you this big news, hoping that you will keep sharing our bold goals: experiments, inventions, and creativity. And most importantly, we will dream big and grow high together.

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