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Published on November 23, 2020

Series Metal Marvels

Our Metal Marvels series is all about love and an unquenchable thirst for beauty. Every single detail of these constructors is a sonorous chord in our mechanical symphony. These construction sets are ready to travel with you everywhere: to the cold glow of the stars, to the open desert, or to outer space. With this series, you can revive the nostalgic past, conquer the stormy future, feel the militant fervor of medieval tournaments, or the pure excitement of a real car race!

To touch the untouchable

All our dreams, humble or daring, sometimes are incredibly close to us: just one touch – that’s all it takes! Each model in this series will help you learn more about yourself and your true desires.

Speed. The cold glare of metal, the graceful luxury of vintage cars. Your heart is beating wildly in anticipation of the race. It’s gonna be a fight to the death! Ice and flame, cold calculation, and a real passion for chasing the wind: it's so easy to become one with your construction set, to hear its hot heart beating under the cold metal flesh. Dream of all the dreams you never dared to dream: everything is possible with our construction sets!

Space. Distant space nebulae are no longer an inaccessible mirage. Humanity has intervened in outer space, and life on Mars is no longer an unattainable illusion. Gravity is too boring? You’re tired of living by the laws of the Earth? Wanna more freedom? Welcome to the light side! Just join the first crusade to the stratosphere with Metal Marvels!

Road. The intoxicating romance of escaping the vanity, riding non-stop towards neon phantoms and distant visions of beauty. Metal Marvels’ motorcycles contain pure brutality with the sincere simplicity of rock 'n' roll. The temptation to break on through the velvet haze of the night through the roar and noise of the night roads is too strong, so why stop doing it? From now on, you can compete with the wind without even leaving your apartment! Going on a journey without fears and doubts has never been so easy.

Battle. The real excitement is not only hidden in races or space flights but also in fierce battles when the cold strategy and skillful gaming tactics make your heart beat faster. Chivalresque novels are not the only opportunity to dream about throwing down the gauntlet. From now on, shiny armors, helmets, and spears will exist not only in the distant and mystical Middle Ages but also in your board game tournaments! The Metal Marvels series gives you a unique chance to play hockey with medieval knights. Don’t wanna risk your head inventing the time machine to travel in time, just try to fight with our models for they are noble and honest opponents. A real game is not only about fortune and excitement but also about refined art!

Mystery. Sometimes we all want to have something private, mysterious, and hidden from the whole world. Our Metal Marvels will be your faithful partners and friends who you can rely on. They will passionately guard all your secrets, precious memories, and sincere confessions.

Height. Do you remember the feeling of freedom and the unbearable lightness of weightlessness, breathtaking height and the restless desire to fly? Everything that the great inventors of the past could only dream of, has long been a reality for all of us. What do you prefer: the crazy speed with no limits or peaceful contemplation of the distant land from behind the clouds? With our construction sets you can do both!

Freedom. Vintage classics, elegance, and boldness: this is all about the first car races that inspired us to experiment and look for the roots of true style. We covered everything to create the classy cars for our Metal Marvels series. If you are not afraid to add some beautiful insanity to your life, pay attention to our sports cars! We breathed into them some sweet nostalgia, heartwarming aesthetics of the last century, refined taste, and the strange magic of the unknown.

Fury. Lacking some restlessness and vibrancy? Hungry for the neon beauty of the night roads and bizarre traveling legends? Get ready to travel to the heart of dreams with our metal rock stars! Harmony of form and content, the elegance of movement, and the sweet perfection of mechanics: our models are a real pleasure for car connoisseurs. They are made to challenge you, teasing and pleasing you. And still, they will feel your every touch and move. Together, you will reach the perfect unity of Master and Thing.

Luxury. And finally, we got something very special for you. The hypnotic metal shine, the quiet singing of moving mechanisms, and perfectly polished details: this is all so hard to resist! Aesthetics and passion, both inspiration from the past, and the quick movement towards the future — that’s our inspiration for this series. If you also enjoy contemplating this full metal beauty, just give up and become a Creator too!

Each of these stories is another chapter in the history of Metal Marvels. Never be afraid to dream: with our construction sets, it’s easy to be ahead of your time!

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