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Published on November 11, 2020

At TIMEFORMACHINE we believe in the experience of real things

Sometimes, the world around us seems crazy: we are constantly exhausted with stress and nervous fuss, and the coveted peace of mind drifts away. And then it's time for The Game. For us, the Game is not just an infantile entertainment but a real religion, which can become not only your return to childhood but also to your origins.

When you want to escape reality just for a while, you actually don’t need to drive crazy fast on the night highway. You can just come home after a hard day and have some fun with your Time for Machine construction set. And the best part is, you don’t need to hurry anywhere. Just close your eyes. Put your hands on it. Feel the sweetest perfection of every detail… And let the magic begin!

The process of assembling our models is about your ability to concentrate and at the same time about complete freedom of thought. While your hands are full of tiny details, refining your technique and skills, you are becoming more and more immersed in technological mysteries. You will learn more about yourself and the world around you. In a way, this is your time for meditation, full of great ease and facility.

You will get to know how things really work. You will master the magic of the machines, in other words, you will become a true Inventor. Endless joy of creation, love for the things you make with your own hands: you just need to feel it once, and then you’ll be unable to give it up. Assembled models make you want to quietly admire them forever and a day. One false move, one short breath seems enough to break the spell.

However, actually our models won’t turn into pumpkins at midnight or run away into the night. Once they have a wide magical net out for you, these construction sets will be forever with you, for they are your true friends. From now on, you are involved in our innocent conspiracy with other Time for Machine fans. Charmed with our models, they believe in the values of the Game just like we do.

You’ll want to be proud of these construction sets. They are living proof of your mastery. They will keep all your treasures untouched: all the precious memories, moments of ease and delight, everything valuable and sacred. They will remember all your stories left untold: that will become your tiny little secret.

There are lots of them. They differ in their form and content: race cars and spaceships, puzzles, and safes for mysteries. Together you will make a great team and pass all the trials, travelling in time and space and exploring new lands, breaking old rules and discovering new laws, dreaming, and making miracles happen. And all that will unite you even more closely.

Every time you choose a model just remember: it also chooses you. So you, without any doubt, will be a good match. If you are just about to start your career as an inventor, pay attention to our minimalistic models, both basic and laconic. In contrast, if you're looking for challenges and complicated contraptions — well, challenge accepted! We are ready to amaze you.

Every time you feel on the edge, put aside all your concerns and go on an adventure with Time for Machine! Just choose your favorite historical epoch — and let miracles happen! You don’t need to run away from reality to make your dreams true. You can just create your own one, beautiful and immaculate, where you can play by your own rules.

It’s always better to carve your dream with your own hands than get one that was already put together by someone else. Devised by our incredible inventors, Time for Machine construction sets will come alive after you touch them. Having finished assembling these models, you and only you breathe life into them, activating their mechanism. All this hypnotizing process reminds of some sweet childhood memories which we somehow lost. And at the same time, it is a very sophisticated and adult thing to do. You can’t be ashamed of playing with it for this requires both fine motor skills and a sharp mind. Anyway, you just need to think bigger to be successful at it.

Our models won’t become just another exhibit sealed up behind the glass: they will be your buddies. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, 6 or 66: you will definitely have all the fun in the world. You can tell them everything — they will understand — and that’s what friends are for. Time for Machine is not just a one-night-stand, but a source of true delight, deep and pure. This delight will open a whole new world for you, the world full of experiments, discoveries, and experience.

Science, technology, knowledge, and on the other hand — aesthetics, audacity, and adrenaline: that’s all about our construction sets. Their style, refinement, laconism, courage, and amazing grace of details speak louder than thousands of words!

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