Glorious Cabrio

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Quick Overview:

- An elegant convertible

- Assemble-yourself model

- Active transmission

- Autopilot regime

- Engine can be turned on and off

- Winding handle

Glorious Cabrio – is a metal construction kit that with a help of pliers you can assemble into a shiny metal convertible that can be wound up.


This model of the convertible is based on the legendary design that German car manufacturers were fond of back in 1920-30. It is attractive not just because of its looks, but also because of all the comfort and luxury of driving it’s offering.


Our model will be a perfect fit for any interior design and will charm the owner with movable parts of the mechanism that can be seen under the hood.


Glorious Cabrio has a lot of working parts under its hood. The convertible has a real transmission and a stick that lets you shift gears and put the car in reverse, as well as put it in neutral. The model includes a fully functional steering wheel that has a lever that turn on the autopilot regime. In autopilot regime the car goes in circle turning left or right.


The engine of the model is made from several cogs and gears, and can be turned on by a windup spring. The windup mechanism is positioned on the side of the model in place of the spare tire.


Inside of the model you can find a glove box and bow springs around the front wheels.


Glorious Cabrio will make a great gift for anyone who is fond of elegant cars. Even though we paid a lot of details to its functions, the car is more of an object of art that a real-looking car model, which increases its value in the eyes of art connoisseur.

  • Box size: 278*128*26mm

  • Model size: 214*72*51mm

  • What’s included: Model pieces, a set of spare\additional parts, a polishing cloth, a pair of pliers, a manual.

  • Material: Polished stainless steel.

  • Number of parts/pieces: 205 pieces

  • Special features: wheels turning, a transmission box with a stick, doors and hood open, steering wheel turning, windup mechanism.

  • Age: 14+



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