Push Dozer

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Push Dozer

A small plywood bulldozer. This is a unique model where we used moving plywood caterpillars. The model is wound up with a small metal spring located in the engine. To wind it up you need to turn the lever located inside of the bulldozer cabin several times, and pull the lever inside of the cabin, and the bulldozer will start moving. This bulldozer model has a bucket that can be removed.

  • Model size (assembled, including the top): 160*108*110 mm

  • Box size: 30*22*3cm

  • What’s included: Model pieces, a set of spare\additional parts, a polishing cloth, a pair of pliers, a manual.

  • Material: Wood

  • Number of parts/pieces: 222 pieces

  • Special features: no need glue, a wooden caterpillars, an engine switch, removable bucket, driven by a metal spring installed into engine

  • Age: 14+



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