Mysterious Timer

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Quick Overview:

Mechanical timer that works for 60minutes with open windup/clockwork mechanism

Mysterious Timer is a construction kit that with the help of pliers can be assembled into a mechanical timer that is designed after timer models that used to be popular in the industrial epoch.


A vintage clock mechanism is open and can be wound up for a particular time, maximum it can work for one hour.


When you assemble this model, you will get a unique timer that will be a welcome addition to your den, helping you travel back in time to the epoch of great discoveries. A soothing sound of tick-tock will help you concentrate on your tasks and focus.

  • Box size: 278*128*26mm

  • Model size: 107*80*161 mm

  • What’s included: a kit with model pieces, a set of additional pieces, a polishing cloth, a pair of pliers, a manual.

  • Material: Polished stainless steel.

  • Number of parts/pieces: 135 pieces

  • Special features: a 60-minute timer (that makes a sound when the time is up, a windup mechanism)

  • Age: 14+



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