Medival Hockey

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Quick Overview:

Small set of table hockey, that can be operated with levers and includes

- 12 players

- A miniature field (22х17 cm)

Medieval Hockey – a construction kit that with the help of pliers can be assembled into a table hockey game. So, the game begins! Medieval knights decided to put aside their swords and start at the game of hockey.


Miniature hockey field hosts 12 players of competing teams. They are wearing shiny armor and hold onto their hockey sticks to play a game of medieval hockey. You can move players by turning the levers that are on the sides of the field. Try scoring a goal by moving your players faster than your friend!


You will equally enjoy assembling the game and playing it after it’s been put together.


Medieval Hockey doesn't occupy too much space and will fit right in between your books and souvenirs.

  • Box size: 278*128*26mm

  • Model size: 277*196*94 мм

  • What’s included: a kit with model pieces, a set of additional pieces, an eco-leather sack, a stand, a polishing cloth, a pair of pliers, a manual.

  • Material: Polished stainless steel.

  • Number of parts/pieces: 175 pieces

  • Special features: a 60-minute timer (that makes a sound when the time is up, a windup mechanism)

  • Age: 14+



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