Elvis Car

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Автомобиль Элвиса

It’s a unique plywood construction kit that allows you to assemble a breathtaking 1960s convertible. The model can be wound up with the help of a spring located in the engine. To wind it up you need to take the ignition key out of the hood, open the hood and turn the engine on. When you press on the lever, the car starts moving. It can go on the carpeted floors too.


The top part of the model can be taken off. The car has wide doors that can be locked in a particular position with a special fixture. You don’t need any glue to assemble the model; the convertible is assembled simply by putting together plywood pieces. All pieces are cut from plywood. Each set includes boards that contain plywood pieces, a manual, wax for polishing the moving parts of the mechanism, sandpaper and a metal spring.

  • Model size (assembled, including the top): 233*87*55 mm

  • Box size: 300*220*30 mm

  • What’s included: a box containing a meccano set pieces, a metal spring, a wax for lubricating parts, a sandpaper, a user manual

  • Material: Wood

  • Number of parts/pieces: 171 pieces

  • Special features: no need glue, key, engine switch, transformed into a cabrio, locking position of door openings, driven by a metal spring installed in the engine

  • Age: 14+



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